Our Instructors

Our Instructors

Chris Seto-Payne (5th Dan). Chris is Chief Instructor at the dojo, and started learning Aikido here in Brisbane. He has also been involved demonstrating Aikido overseas; in Beijing as part of the World Combat Games, and in New Zealand as a guest instructor.

Outside the dojo Chris is an acupuncturist and massage therapist.


Mark Pearcy (5th Dan). A native of the UK, Mark has trained extensively in Europe with notable teachers such as Chiba, Kanetsuka, and Tamura Sensei.
Aikido is a family affair for Mark with his son Luke (2nd Dan) also an active member of the dojo.
Mark is also a Professor of Biomedical Engineering.
He regularly teaches Monday and Thursday evening classes.


David Hall (5th Dan). David started his training in California in the mid-1980’s and has been instructing since 1995.
He has been fortunate to have studied under Shibata Sensei, Kanai Sensei, Sugano Sensei and now Takase Sensei.
His ‘day job’ is as an organisational psychologist.
He takes Sunday morning classes.


Roland Stettler (4th Dan). Roland has studied Aikido for many years in both the northern and southern hemispheres.
Recently he has spent time studying the weapons style of Sawada Sensei in particular.
He often steps in to assist teaching weapons training on a Sunday morning.


LynfordLynford Rosos (4th Dan). Lynford has broad experience in various martial arts, and also holds a 3rd Dan rank in Iaido.
In his spare time he enjoys hang-gliding.
He teaches the Saturday morning class.


Paddy O’Regan (4th Dan). Paddy started training in 2000 at Brisbane Aikikai and has been a keen student ever since.
He alternates taking Tuesday evening classes.
He is a social worker, psychotherapist and organisational consultant.


Kit Barker (3rd Dan). Kit started Aikido in the UK in 1993 and studied there under Moriteru Kanetsuka Sensei (7th Dan) and Alex Megann Sensei (5th Dan).
He moved to Australia in 2006 and is a Professor at the University of Queensland.
He often assists teaching Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes.


Andres Diaz (3rd Dan).  Andres is an accountant, and brings some Latin American flair to the dojo.
He lived in Auckland for a number of years, and studied under Takase Sensei directly at that time.  He also enjoys practising Judo.


LukeLuke Pearcy (2nd Dan). Luke is a practicing personal injury lawyer.
He teaches on some Monday evenings.


Adam headshotAdam Crompvoets (2nd Dan).  Adam started Aikido in 1998 in Melbourne.
After moving to Brisbane, he has had the opportunity to train with many Australian and international instructors, including visiting Sawada Sensei’s dojo in Japan, and travelling to train with Takase Sensei in New Zealand.
He is a chef outside the dojo, and currently teaches the Thursday and Friday morning sessions.